Read The Cermaq/Netop Success Story

Cermaq is one of Netop’s most unique customers. As a leading global producer of salmon and trout, Cermaq depends on Netop Remote Control to manage automated feeding systems and provide support to critical applications business-wide.

We recently spoke with Rein Rudfelt of Cermaq's internal support team about the role that Netop Remote Control plays in reducing support costs, controlling vendor access and keeping remote staff on track. Rein dug into the challenges facing his team, how they use Netop to overcome them, and why Netop Remote Control is such an integral factor in Cermaq’s continued success. You can read the case study here.

If you’re a Netop customer and you’d like to share your story with us, we would love to hear how you take advantage of Netop Remote Control’s secure and cost reducing remote access solution. Get in touch with us here, it’s our pleasure to learn how we help your business stay safe and successful.

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