­Remote Control in Manufacturing: 3 Tips from Automotive manufacturer ŠKODA Auto

Tech-savvy manufacturers like ŠKODA AUTO use remote access software to streamline production and increase their efficiency. Based on our recent interview with the European automaker's IT staff, here are three considerations to make when using remote access in a production environment.

 1. Never interrupt production

Use a software solution that allows devices to be remotely accessed and manipulated, even while they perform other tasks. Production shouldn't stall when IT staff push remote software updates, troubleshoot, or collect data from machines on the factory floor. 

“Connecting to a running session without interrupting production is the biggest benefit [of our remote access software]," says Jana Šimonková, IT Coordinator for Production Systems at Škoda.

Read more about how Šimonková uses Netop Remote Control at ŠKODA AUTO here. 

2. One solution may not fit all

Just because a remote access solution works for the PCs in your office, doesn't mean it's suitable for a manufacturing environment, where security and safety are even more critical. At ŠKODA AUTO, employees use basic Microsoft remote access tools in the office, but only trust Netop Remote Control for PCs on the production line.

3. Businesses grow-- so should your software

It's difficult to predict how your production methods and technology may change over the years, so if you're thinking about a new remote access solution, make sure that it's highly adaptable and customizable. You'll save time and money if you don't need to switch software every few years. Just ask the team at ŠKODA AUTO-- Netop Remote Control been scaling with the company to meet their remote access needs since 1998.

 To learn more about how ŠKODA AUTO uses Netop Remote Control, click below.



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