5 Things You Need to Know About the Best Remote Access Software for Enterprise Business

There are a lot of opinions out there, especially when it comes to tech. And let’s face it, most of us hardly know the difference between a micron and macron (are those even real tech terms?). 

The point is, with so many strong opinions out there, it can be hard to know what to look for when you’re choosing remote access software for your business. We’ve taken the time to lay out the five most important things you need to know that will help you get the best remote access software for your company. 

While other remote access software providers may try to sell you bells and whistles, at Netop we believe that having strong ideals about what makes good software leads to a strong foundation. And in the end, a strong foundation is going to have a lot more longevity than a shiny new feature.

An Enterprise-Level Business Requires Enterprise-Level Security

With every line of code we put into our software, we prioritize your business’ security and the security of your clients and customers. We know that nothing is more important than keeping your data secure, and we’ve made it part of our mission to provide the most secure remote access software in market today. 

Security is key to maintaining trust between your company, your employees, your clients, and your customers. That’s why it’s vital that the software you use is vigilant about security, especially when dealing with remote access software for business. 

We ensure that every remote access session is totally secure by providing: 

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Detailed user management
  • Persistent session approvals
  • Automatic application deletion on foreign devices
  • Detailed logging and tracking
  • Group-based permissions
  • Trusted granular access

Remote access can be a scary proposition in terms of security. In essence, you’re granting some kind of access (to data or more) to a user who is not physically in the same location as the device. We take this proposition seriously, and understand the inherent risks associated with remote access software. It’s through this understanding that we can provide such detailed security features and support to all our remote access users. 

You can check out our Superior Security Benefits page to learn more about how much we believe in security.

Exceeding Compliance Standards Should Be Standard

We’ve always believed in extra credit. Compliance regulators across all major industries work tirelessly to ensure that the compliance standards they set will help protect people and their data. We take those compliance standards seriously. So seriously, in fact, that our own security standards exceed all of them. 

When you use Netop’s remote access software, you can be certain you are HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR compliant and beyond.

For example, if your organization must adhere to HIPAA compliance standards, you’re well aware of the fact that failing to meet the strict encryption requirements can result in a hefty fine. Netop helps you protect patient security and avoid fines by guaranteeing compliance with HIPAA’s security requirements, including: 

  • Centralized 2- and 3-factor authentication
  • Timeout logoff
  • Netop Logging (record all remote sessions verbatim, store forever)
  • Smart card authentication and tunneling 
  • Encryption via the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) up to 256-bit
  • Integrity and message authentication
  • Encrypted key exchange

Compliance can be tedious, but regulators create compliance standards for a reason. By switching to Netop, you’ll never have to worry about compliance again.

Remote Access Software Should Provide Cross-Platform and Multi-Device Support

As your company grows and your workforce gets bigger and bigger, it’s impossible to ensure that everyone is using the same exact devices running the same exact software versions on the same exact platform. And instead of replacing every employee’s cell phone and work computer, a better solution is to make sure the remote access software you choose provides cross-platform and multi-device support. 

Every Netop remote access software installation comes with out-of-the-box compatibility for cross-platform and multi-device support – something our competitors can’t offer. We support Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux, iOS, Windows Mobile devices and more – all through a single interface. 

With Netop you don’t have to worry about which device someone is using. Our proprietary cross-platform, multi-device software brings remote access support to almost any device out there.

It Should Offer Flexible IT Support Configurations

IT issues come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning there is hardly ever a “one-size-fits-all” solution. No matter how straightforward or complex it may end up being, fixing every issue takes time. The best remote access software you can choose will provide flexibility to help you maximize that time.

Netop’s remote access software offers both one-to-many and many-to-one support configurations.

When fulfilling a support request, a technician may have to run several diagnostic tests before implementing a fix. Netop’s one-to-many support configuration allows that same technician to connect to another desktop simultaneously to start troubleshooting a new issue for someone else while remaining connected to the initial support request. Instead of having to wait for the first tests to completely finish before moving on, they can maximize their time spent by getting started on the next issue.

Many-to-one support configurations have many implementations, including training – allowing one or more team members to simultaneously connect to and troubleshoot a device with live supervision and feedback. 

It is also useful for support issues that are difficult to solve. With Netop’s remote access software, multiple IT support technicians can collaborate to troubleshoot a difficult issue together on a remote device.

Support for a Modern Distributed Workforce

As distributed workforces become more and more common for enterprise and small businesses alike, growing companies need a support solution that can adapt. More and more businesses are using remote access software solutions to hire the right candidate, even if they live halfway around the world. 

Plus, more companies are offering remote and work-from-home perks that are possible, in part, thanks to remote access software. With the ability to support a distributed workforce from a centralized location and access work devices remotely, your options as a business expand. It becomes viable to actually employ a remote workforce, and scale at a faster pace.

The Right Remote Access Software for Business

With all the information out there, researching which remote access solution to choose for your business can quickly turn into data overload. Hopefully this breakdown helps your business choose the right remote access software.

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