Retail ROI - How to Recognize a 158% Return on Remote Access

Retail ROI LinkedIn GraphicCalculating the Value of Remote Access Software 

Many retailers use remote support because the value proposition is pretty clear. However, it's a challenge to put a real number on it. Now there's a workbook that lets you calculate the ROI of remote access software.

Business Agility 

Simply put, remote control software makes companies more agile. Companies reduce administrative overhead and recovers time for the service desk, IT administrators, cashiers and other staff. 

Cost Avoidance and Issue Resolution

By using remote support, you can cut back on service trips and resolve issues faster. IT staff can determine the best response and diagnose issues before dispatching a team, and more effectively support technicians once they're in the field. 

Risk Mitigation 

Data breaches now cost about $3.5 million on average. Secure remote access helps reduce the likelihood of that a breach can happen.

If one does occur, reports have shown that financial impact can be reduced, regulatory fines limited, and forensic analysis or audits sped up - thanks to more advanced session logging and recording capabilities. 


Typically, remote access software isn't one of the big IT expenses. But it's an important one. We find that mid-size retailers spend less than $20 per device per year including setup, administration, and licensing. Your numbers will vary depending on the number of POS devices and other factors. 

Check out the full workbook for the details:


Your Custom ROI Calculation 

Beyond the numbers, there are other benefits that strengthen the case for investing in better remote access software: reducing administrative overhead and boosting employee satisfaction, simplifying compliance reporting, improving customer experience, and increasing MSP effectiveness by making it easier to execute SLAs and audit work done.  

Go here for a free custom ROI calculation.

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