Secure Remote Access in H2 2020

NRC--Connect-Securely--LinkedIn-Banner-v1With the first half of the year wrapped up, the state of the world is much different than anyone predicted in January. Many companies have leaned into digital transformation and remote work, moving quickly to adapt to the turbulent market while keeping employees and customers safe.

Netop Remote Control clients have relied on our security-focused software to stay efficient and adaptive despite the challenges. These excerpts from Netop EVP Toke Tangkjaer's H1 recap offer a glimpse into what the second half of the year will bring. You can read the full article on LinkedIn

With the onset of COVID-19, many businesses had to react swiftly to an ever changing new normal. As a result of the pandemic, organizations across the globe transitioned into a remote workforce. As digital transformation has become critical during this time, we feel fortunate to be able to provide organizations secure technology tools to help stay operational during the pandemic as the world settles into a different pace of life.

Although 2020 has brought some significant challenges, I am humbled to say that we met and exceeded our revenue expectations for H1. We were also excited to welcome a few new faces to the Netop Remote Control user base. We saw a 38% increase in new license sales. We are so grateful to all of our customers who helped make this possible.

The Netop Remote Control team is actively looking to expand with fifteen open positions across our Bucharest and Manila office locations. I am delighted to continue to scale up our team and fuel the future of secure remote access and support software, as the world adapts and settles into a hybrid mode of sustaining operational excellence, whether that be at a distance or in the office.

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