Secure Remote Access in Retail [Webinar]

Retail has been among the most hard-hit industries in 2020. In this webinar, we discuss in depth some of the challenges retailers are facing and how to address them to protect employees, customers and the business itself.NRC - Toshiba Webinar Thumbnail

Using the right technology solutions, processes and managed services, it’s possible for retailers to quickly adjust and adapt to the changing business environment. This webinar is free and available on-demand, covering questions that are front and center for many retailers: 

  • What are some current use cases for remote access in retail? 
  • How is technology being used in labs and back-end testing environments to keep projects moving forward? 
  • At what size store does it make sense to use remote access? 
  • With a focus on providing the same level of service as before the COVID-19 crisis, how does remote access help resolve issues once they're identified?
  • What role does remote access play in a retailer's vendor ecosystem? 
  • How have travel restrictions shifted maintenance and break-fix best practices? 

Listen to responses and analysis by Sam Heiney, Director of Product Management at Netop and Barry Cox, Global Product Line Manager at Toshiba.

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