[INFOGRAPHIC] Your Custom ROI of Remote ATM Support

If you don’t have a remote support solution installed on your ATM fleet, you are likely spending far too much on maintenance and upkeep of your equipment. Our latest infographic calculates how much you could save by eliminating unnecessary service trips with Netop Remote Control, based on our conversations with NCR, Diebold, as well as banks and service providers across the country.… Read on

An Old Thief in a Modern World

American bank robber Willie Sutton once said he robbed banks “because that’s where the money is.”

Today, Mr. Sutton would have been ecstatic about the criminal willie-suttonpossibilities beyond traditional banks. In keeping with his “because that’s where the money is” mission, ATMs and point-of-sales (POS) devices would be high on his list of potential targets.… Read on

Don’t be afraid of Shodan

CremationSoftwareOnlineSince its advent in 2009, search engine Shodan has sparked a fair amount of attention – most of it negative.  Shodan is the device-focused search engine that discovers things like elementary school HVAC settings, in-home security cameras, Caterpillar trucks and crematorium systems online. … Read on