Remote Access & the Internet of Things at Embedded World 2015

Netop at Embedded World 2015It seems I hear about a new security breach every day. Hackers stealing credit cards, breaking into building automation systems, compromising data centers, phone records – the list is endless. I also find myself in an elevator nearly every day.… Read on

Five Ways to Restrict User Access with Netop

For IT administrators in the retail, financial and cybersecurity-300x225government sectors, security is often a top priority. Given the sensitive nature of the data these organizations collect and store, they can’t afford to incur a security breach. As such, they will go to great lengths to protect their interests.… Read on

Add Another Layer of Security with NRC 11.6

The latest version of Netop Remote Control adds support for Windows Azure multi-factor authentication enabling security-focused organizations to verify remote sessions via SMS, soft and challenge-based tokens.

The wide range of authentication options availableWindows-Azure-Cloud in the latest release allows both large and mid-sized retailers to take advantage of Netop’s robust security and feature set as well as lower-cost multi-factor authentication methods.… Read on

Eight Things We Learned at the HDI Conference

The Netop team had a great time at the HDI Conference last week in Orlando and we enjoyed the opportunity to connect with existing customers as well as meet representatives from so many other attending companies. As with any conference, there are always a number of takeaways.  … Read on

Still using Windows XP? You need to upgrade!

As widely reported, Microsoft windows_xp_logowill end support for the long-standing Windows XP operating system on April 8th, 2014. If you have assets that need to be upgraded from XP, we want to remind you that Netop Remote Control supports machines running Vista, Windows 7 and 8.… Read on