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Trustwave Report: Malware Continues to Exploit Unsecured Vendor Access

Unsecured remote access accounted for 29.7% of network compromises in 2016, more than double than the year prior, according to findings from the Trustwave Global Security Report. Read On

Protecting Point of Sale from PoSeidon

A new breed of malware - more sophisticated and harder to detect than its predecessors - is preying on point-of-sale systems.  Dubbed PoSeidon, this family of viruses uses multiple components to.... Read On

2014 Retail Cyberthreat Summit - register here

Hackers have racked up more than a dozen high profile breaches of retail networks in the year since the Target attack.  This holiday season finds retailers stretched to meet increased IT demands with.... Read On

H1 2014 Security Breaches

With the first half of the year coming to an end, it's important to reflect on some of the security breaches that have been reported so far in 2014. Fortunately, none were on the scale of last year’s.... Read On

Upcoming Webinar: How to Mitigate Retail Security Risks

Read On

40 Million. 70 Million. 110 Million.

Since originally reported last month, the number of people potentially affected by the security breach at Target has grown by nearly 200%, making it one of the largest attacks in the retail industry..... Read On

The Costs of Being Attacked

We’re fortunate to work with a lot of great customers at Netop and frequently they share interesting details about their business, industry and operations. One such data point that stood out came.... Read On

Don't be afraid of Shodan

Since its advent in 2009, search engine Shodan has sparked a fair amount of attention - most of it negative.  Shodan is the device-focused search engine that discovers things like elementary school.... Read On

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