Trustwave Report: Malware Continues to Exploit Unsecured Vendor Access

Unsecured remote access accounted for 29.7% of network compromises in 2016, more than double than the year prior, according to findings from the Trustwave Global Security Report.

Source: 2017 Trustwave Global Security Report

The number of incidents in corporate and internal network environments increased from 41% in 2015 to 43% in 2016, indicating companies need to review and improve network security controls to ensure their data is guarded against cyber-attacks.… Read on

POS Systems: The Proven Vulnerabilities

 POS-vulnerabilitiesAsk yourself: if the retail infrastructure defense fails, what will be left to protect the POS systems?
Retail infrastructure is very complex and thus hard to secure. Retailers cannot remain wholly unaffected by industry-fellows experience, and the attempts to define and implement security measures are inadequate or incomplete.… Read on

Sally Beauty Breached… Again?

Data breach at Sally BeautyEarlier this week, Texas-based beauty supply chain Sally Beauty revealed that it was investigating “unusual activity involving payment cards” at some of its locations.  If a breach is confirmed, it would mark the second time in 14 months that the large cosmetics retailer has had customer data compromised.… Read on

Protecting Point of Sale from PoSeidon

Protecting POS Systems from PoSeidonA new breed of malware – more sophisticated and harder to detect than its predecessors – is preying on point-of-sale systems.  Dubbed PoSeidon, this family of viruses uses multiple components to obtain customer credit card data.  … Read on

Let’s not forget about the Goodwill data breach

Goodwill POS Data BreachAs long as we’re talking data breaches, let’s not forget Goodwill.

First – a sidenote. This summer’s breach count is pretty remarkable. But it’s not just the number. If we were to hear that 10, or 100, or 1,000 breaches had occurred since last spring, … Read on