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Expanded remote mobile support and authentication - Netop Remote Control 12.6!

We're happy to announce the arrival of the newest version of Netop Remote Control!  Netop Remote Control 12.6 includes native two-factor authentication - ideal for service providers who require.... Read On

More secure, more configurable - NRC 12.50 has arrived!

I am happy to announce the release of Netop Remote Control version 12.50. With improvements in password storage and encryption, added security for Internet connectivity, and updates to the WebConnect.... Read On

IoT Connections will Surpass Mobile in 2018

The volume of connected devices and the reach of the Internet of Things continues to grow at a staggering rate.  Ericcson released their 2016 Mobility Report and they have predicted this rate will.... Read On

Perfect Service from Netop Technical Support

After flirting with perfection for a few months, the Netop Technical Support team logged a perfect 100% in both customer satisfaction with their support representative and number of customers who.... Read On

Connecting with Retailers at Toshiba Connect

Since 2014, when Toshiba partnered with Netop to bring Netop Remote Control into point-of-sale systems running on the Toshiba 4690 OS, Toshiba Connect has been one of our busiest events.  This year.... Read On

Netop Remote Control Expands Android 5.0 Support

One of the main reasons businesses turn to Netop is our cross-platform remote support.  We know the benefit of having a single, trusted solution for accessing the wide array of devices and platforms.... Read On

New release makes Remote Control Portal even easier to use

On Tuesday, February 17, Netop released a new version of Netop Remote Control that featured a new home page for the Netop Remote  Control Portal. The home page now includes direct downloads of Netop.... Read On

Netop and Lynxspring collaborate on "Innovative Product of the Year"

Lynxspring's LYNX CyberPRO, the first cyber-threat solution designed specifically for building automation and energy management systems, has been recognized as the 2014 ControlTrends Awards.... Read On

The New Netop Remote Control: Secure, remote access across the Internet

Today, we're excited to welcome a new era in secure remote access.  With the release of Netop Remote Control 12, Netop's enterprise-class remote access solution now combines traditional installed.... Read On

Supporting commercial use of Android

Although dwarfed by iPads, commercial adoption of Android tablets is slowly growing.  Android tablets represented 10% of the enterprise tablet deployments in Q2 of 2014 and 11% in Q3, according to.... Read On

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