Recovering from the PetyaWrap Ransomware Attack & Preparing for Whatever’s Next

Businesses that fail to secure their networks from known exploits will continue to be targeted by malware attacks. Yesterday, those who didn’t learn this lesson during the recent WannaCry fiasco got a malicious reminder to regularly update network security and patch their OS.… Read on

Webinar: Understanding Security Threats and Mitigating Risk

Best practices in Remote Access Remote ControlWhat are the most effective ways to mitigate risk from the rising tide of security threats facing retailers, banks, hospitals and other organizations? In a new webinar, Sam Heiney of Netop shares information to help you understand the threat vectors that cybercriminals exploit in attacking an ever-expanding array of systems and devices.  … Read on

2014 Retail Cyberthreat Summit – register here

Retail Cybersecurity Summit 2014Hackers have racked up more than a dozen high profile breaches of retail networks in the year since the Target attack.  This holiday season finds retailers stretched to meet increased IT demands with a larger-than-ever target on their backs.  Join Netop and our colleagues from Tripwire, Rippleshot, ID Experts and iovation as we discuss the increased risk confronting retailers and how you can reduce vulnerability during the 2014 Retail Cyberthreat Summit on Thursday, December 11 at 2:00 EST/11:00 PST.… Read on

Alert: POS Devices Targets of “Backoff” Malware

Homeland SecurityUS-CERT issued an alert earlier today that a new malware threat, dubbed “Backoff,” was discovered targeting point-of-sale devices.  “Backoff” variants have been traced back to October 2013 and is responsible for uncovering data and keylogging.  … Read on

Support for Embedded Devices

From sensors and kiosks to appliances and cameras, NRC-Embedded_Movie-Thumbnailthe number of connected devices is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Among other tasks, these machines will be deployed to collect data, monitor security, provide automated services, manage buildings and even help run municipalities.… Read on