Five Ways to Restrict User Access with Netop

For IT administrators in the retail, financial and cybersecurity-300x225government sectors, security is often a top priority. Given the sensitive nature of the data these organizations collect and store, they can’t afford to incur a security breach. As such, they will go to great lengths to protect their interests.… Read on

The impact of Windows XP EOL on banks & ATMs

ATMs running on Outdated OSNinety-five percent of the ATMs in the United States – that’s about 200,000 ATMs total – are running on Windows XP.

Which was all fine and good, as long as that operating system was still being supported.

That’s right: on April 8th of this year, Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP, permanently taking it off life support.… Read on

Support for Embedded Devices

From sensors and kiosks to appliances and cameras, NRC-Embedded_Movie-Thumbnailthe number of connected devices is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Among other tasks, these machines will be deployed to collect data, monitor security, provide automated services, manage buildings and even help run municipalities.… Read on

Add Another Layer of Security with NRC 11.6

The latest version of Netop Remote Control adds support for Windows Azure multi-factor authentication enabling security-focused organizations to verify remote sessions via SMS, soft and challenge-based tokens.

The wide range of authentication options availableWindows-Azure-Cloud in the latest release allows both large and mid-sized retailers to take advantage of Netop’s robust security and feature set as well as lower-cost multi-factor authentication methods.… Read on

How Service Providers Can Leverage Netop

As an external IT service provider, how do you satisfy your service level agreements? For many vendors, supporting customer technology assets requires frequent travel to any number of client locations. Canadian-based SIR solutions, however, has found a better way to meet the demands of their customers.… Read on