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Taking our own medicine - Inside Netop tech support

Contact-Center_AvaEvery month, I put together a report on our technical support team's performance.  Like many of you, I look at a variety of metrics - our rate of resolution, the different categories of issues that our customers are experiencing, average call length - in determining the overall performance of our team.  I'm also looking at our professional services team and the feedback they receive on our training and implementation support, drawing on some of the useful information I picked up during the HDI Conference a few weeks ago .

In addition, our support team is making a concerted effort to migrate as many contacts as possible from email or phone to Live Guide - Netop's online audio, video and text chat solution.  We've found that in handling customer interactions through our chat channel, we are able to manage a greater volume of calls without adding resources and that our first-call resolution rates increase.  Both our customers and support agents report satisfaction with using the chat channel - so it's a win/win situation. During April 2013, our support team handled 220% more inquiries through chat then in April 2012. Even with this huge increase in volume, our response rates and times were within our target ranges.

Of course, I am biased in that I work for the company that creates Live Guide, but I would recommend that all my colleagues look into adding - and emphasizing the use of - a chat channel for technical support.


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