Tell us what you think: browser-based remote access

feedback_formHey, Netop Remote Control users – we want to know what you think about our new, browser-based remote support console.  We’ve overhauled the interface and upgraded the overall user experience.  There’s no cost to current Netop customers and our HTML5-based support console means there’s nothing to install at your help desk.  Download the new Netop Remote Control host here and tell us what you think below.

We’ve created a video that takes you step by step through installing the new host and getting started using the browser-based support console.  You’ll see that it’s a snap to configure and that getting up to speed on the new interface is a breeze.

You can watch a demonstration of Netop’s browser-based remote support console, learn more and see the technical specs here.

And, of course, please come back and share what you think!


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