3 Remote Support Considerations for POS Devices

POSs. Registers. Terminals. Tills. However you refer to checkout devices, they are central to today's retail operations. If your job is to oversee these machines for your company, how do you provide support, especially when they are situated across a network of retail locations?

From a troubleshooting and maintenance perspective, remote access solutions can ease IT support challenges for POS devices. Besides reducing travel costs, being able to remotely identify and resolve issues can equate to greater uptimes. In fact, some of our customers claim that upwards of 80% of their POS-related issues can be resolved remotely.

Beyond core capabilities like establishing remote connections and being able to transfer screens, here are three variables you should consider in a remote access solution when it comes to POS device support.

  • Speed: The speed in which you can connect to a device can literally add time back to your day, so look for a solution with proven reliability when establishing connections to target devices. After her company switched to Netop Remote Control, Debbie Thurston, Computer Support Center Manager at Spartan Stores, noted “the speed is a major advantage. Saving two to three minutes every session really adds up.”
  • Security: With all that’s happened recently with retail security lapses, the emphasis on protecting POS devices is at an all-time high. Thus, any remote access solution worthy of consideration should not only complement company-wide security policies, but also allow your company to maintain PCI-DSS compliance. "Nearly all of what we do is compliance-driven," said Rocky Taylor, Director of IT at OnCue. "As soon as we catch up, there are more requirements and Netop is a great partner to keep us current." Your remote access solution should allow for centralized multi-factor authentication, granular control over all user permissions, complete logging with customizable audit trails, 256-bit AES encryption and more.
  • Versatility: Since POS devices come in all shapes and sizes, look for a remote access solution flexible enough to support a variety of operating systems. Whether your devices are running Windows, Linux or a specialty OS, your remote access tool should enable your team to connect to all of these devices from a single and familiar user support interface.

If you’re looking to improve remote support for your POS devices, Netop Remote Control has a proven track record when it comes to versatility, security and connectivity. Interested in learning more? Download a free trial today.

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