Using Remote Access Tools to Adapt to Remote Work

This recent IDG Insider article describes how businesses can use remote access software to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. While there are many advantages to this approach, it's also important to be aware of the risks involved in remote connections.remote mac laptop

It's no surprise that businesses are struggling to handle the increased need for remote work, turning to RDP (up 41%) and expanding VPN usage (up 33%) as they adjust quickly. 

Sometimes a simple VPN is enough to allow employees to access the files and resources they need from anywhere. But some scenarios are a bit more complicated: 

  • Remote support / help desk 
  • Software updates and patching
  • Resolving POS issues in retail
  • Remote file transfer
  • Managing third-party vendor access
  • Staff training and onboarding
  • Accessing unattended devices (particularly in manufacturing)
  • Sending or receiving sensitive data (including patient health data)
  • Compliance logging

For these business needs, a VPN alternative is critical. Some teams turn to freeware like RDP or VNC, or remote access tools like LogMeIn and TeamViewer - which all have a history of security vulnerabilities. Not only that, many users are unhappy to find out they're overspending on TeamViewer as they try to scale up their remote workforce.  

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