[WEBINAR] VPN vs. Remote Access Software

Is a VPN enough for you and your organization? Sign up for our webinar where we will cover VPN vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them with a more secure approach.

With cybercrime and hacking attacks steadily on the rise, more and more companies have started to adopt policies and procedures to increase the security of their data.

Most organizations opt for a virtual private network, or VPN, to serve as their front line of defense. However, VPNs have become prime targets for hackers. Even if your company has excellent security, a single flaw can allow an attacker to bypass the defenses and wreak havoc. 

Join us for our webinar on March 26, where we'll help you determine whether a VPN is the best solution for remote connections, or if you need a more secure approach.  

What you'll learn: 

We will discuss some common concerns around VPN vulnerabilities, like:

  • It’s complicated to administer, protect, and set policies for your VPN architecture.
  • You need to access devices that are isolated or kept off the network.
  • Your IT team needs to support remote workers on shared or open networks.
  • Sometimes you want to limit vendor access to a specific application or device.

And provide a secure alternative to help mitigate those concerns with remote access software.

We will be hosting two global sessions for our VPN vs. Remote Access Software Webinar, one at 10AM GMT and the second at 2PM EST. Reserve your seat below.


VPN vs. Remote Access Software Webinar

March 26 10AM GMT and 2PM EST

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In retail, manufacturing and finance, organizations have a growing need for secure remote access to a range of computers, devices and platforms.

Many of the world's top brands use the most flexible, efficient solution available: Netop Remote Control. Learn more about our advanced security features here.  

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