[WEBINAR] 10 Common Remote Access Errors to Avoid


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Remote access has grown in importance, and as a result has become a target for malicious actors looking for ways to infiltrate networks. Cybercriminals know how to exploit the mistakes and errors in the way remote access is used. You will learn ten of the most common misconfigurations that IT teams should be able to recognize and correct. When you apply these best practices, your remote access processes and technologies will be appropriate to the level of security your business requires.

Join us and register for our free webinar on September 26 at 9am EST/2pm CET where we'll cover the 10 Common Remote Access Errors to Avoid, including:

  • Putting Secure Devices on the Internet
  • Using a VPN When You Should be Using Remote Access Software
  • Using Too Many remote access tools
  • Leaving Unnecessary Ports Open on Your Firewall
  • Neglecting to Secure LAN-based Communications
  • Not Implementing Access Control Best Practices
  • Granting Overly Broad Access to Remote Users
  • Ineffective Password Management
  • Allowing Shared Accounts or Credentials
  • Inadequate Event and Audit Logging


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