Webinar: Understanding Security Threats and Mitigating Risk

What are the most effective ways to mitigate risk from the rising tide of security threats facing retailers, banks, hospitals and other organizations?

In a new webinar, Sam Heiney of Netop shares information to help you understand the threat vectors that cybercriminals exploit in attacking an ever-expanding array of systems and devices.  Insufficiently secure remote access solutions are commonly used threat vectors.  

In this webinar, Sam explores how the mechanisms that employees and third-party vendors use to manage and remotely support your business can be used by hackers to gain access and steal data from your company and your customers.  You’ll learn that, despite the devastation they cause, most of these attacks are relatively unsophisticated, and can be deterred by taking basic steps to secure your business and following best practices for external access.

Webinar: Best Practices in External Access – View Now

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