Webinar: Using ATM Remote Management for Business Agility

Keeping ATMs safe and functional can be a real challenge, especially during a pandemic. Many banks and financial services companies are turning to ATM remote management so the machines can be fixed from the comfort of a central location instead of traveling to distant corners of the world in person.

With the right ATM remote management strategy, it's simpler to diagnose issues, break-fix, push patches or updates, and maintain the highest levels of device uptime and efficiency.

We'll be discussing this topic in more detail with Grant Hallam, Senior Engineer at HSBC Global Services Canada.

  • Rapid issue diagnosis
  • Support for upgrades, updates and deployments
  • Ability to see customer-facing monitor and back-of-the-box at the same time
  • Pulling hardware and software inventory, logs, and journals
  • Identifying active systems and processes, command prompts to start or stop them
  • KVM and integrated file transfer 
  • Ad-hoc break-fix and re-imaging 
  • QA and deployment validation

Join us with your questions ready for a live Q&A at the end of the event.

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